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  • Message From Chairperson


    "Our vision for the children is to develop new learning skills, driven by our credo, 'knowledge is light', and help them overcome the stress of competition. We will strive to follow the teachings of our vedic ancestors, who have inspired us to use knowledge as the passage from darkness to light.

    "The primary goal of the school is to create a balanced atmosphere for learning, discipline and development of character. This will inspire the children to take a quantum leap when it comes to facing the challenges of the present and the future.

    "With this, we intend to usher our children onto the path of learning eternal values.

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  • About the Director


    Mr. Kaisar comes with a rich experience spanning over 34 years. Over the years he has worked with the American School Diploma, IB and the national curriculum of ICSE and ISC. He has worked in renowned residential schools such as Barnes School - Devlali, Sherwood College - Nainital and Kodaikanal International School in India. His last assignments were as the Vice-Principal and Acting Principal at Kodaikanal International School and Principal of Singapore International School for the last 7 years. He is also the President of South Asian IB School Association and serves on a number of IB and Cambridge School board of directors.

    Mr. Kaisar is a recipient of 2011 National Award for outstanding contribution in Education bestowed by Jagatguru Shankaracharya Jayendra Saraswathi and in 2017 by India Today for Excellence in Eductional Leadership.

  • Message from the Principal


    Welcome to RBK International Academy which is deeply rooted in the eastern suburbs of Mumbai and successfully running into its tenth year. Success to us is the achievement of desired visions and planning goals.

    At RBKIA we believe in helping all within the community to become caring, contributing, productive and responsible citizens. Our motto "reaching beyond knowledge", resonates in students. This in turn manifests not only to set high academic standards for themselves but also to pursue their passion. Multilinguism, cross-culture exposure and international mindedness has been to the heart of every RBKite and has helped them blossom into open minded students, thus creating a learning environment of trust and respect.

    Following are some useful insights into the possibilities that exist for your children in this wonderful school:

    We are an authorized International Baccalaureate School and offer the IB Primary Years Programme, Middle Years Programme and the Diploma Programme. In addition we also offer the IGCSE in Grades 9 and 10. Our students have graduated with results that have allowed them to seek admission in renowned Universities all around the globe.

    RBKites who have grown and are growing with a blanket of the learner profiles, who have the ability to solve problems by being critical thinkers, who enhance their self management skills, who reflect on local and global issues, who develop into global citizens, are ready to fly and make a positive impact in the world.

    To experience the true spirit of the school and a sense of belongingness, we would be more than happy for you to visit us.

    - Ms. Monica Sarang

  • Message from the Vice Principal


    Welcome and greetings of the day from RBK International Academy. As you go through the pages on the website here, you will get the gist of our Vision and our Mission statement. At RBKIA, we make every effort to inculcate and imbibe these in our day- to- day practices. We take pride in helping our students to becoming citizens of the world for the future, wherein they are equipped to assess situations and look for solutions based on traditional thought processes as well as 'Out of the Box' thinking.

    As a school that follows the complete IB Curriculum across all the years, we take pride in our students being well equipped to implement their thoughts into actions which will be beneficial to all. Making students empathetic to society is entrenched as a part of their learning process.

    Our Internationalism is evident in all aspects of school life from the curriculum, to the staff, to the students. We pride ourselves in training students for a world of tomorrow, based on techniques and technologies which may not even exist today.

    We hope you get a better picture of our plans and practices through these pages. We are certain that visiting us by appointment would enhance your understanding of the processes at RBKIA. Welcome, and hoping for further association with each of you.

    - Mr. Kishor Joshi

  • Our Mission

    Our Mission RBK International Academy provides an enriching and stimulating learning environment in which each child will grow to their maximum potential. In addition to academic excellence, the students will gain in life skills such as effective communication and co-operative team work. They will be independent, original thinkers with problem-solving abilities so as to contribute positively to our country and the world.
  • Our Vision

    Our Vision
    RBK International Academy aspires to educate global citizens who have the mindset to co-operate with the International Community to make this a better world through skills of creative thinking and problem solving. They will work diligently for conservation of the environment and for the progress of scientific knowledge that benefits mankind.
  • Testimonials

    My 2 lovely daughters urja and shreya have been with this superb school at rbk since the last 6 years since we came to Mumbai after being transferred to mumbai. Have been wanting to write this earlier too, but feel a very appropriate time to mention a big thank you for taking care and continuously grooming and guiding my 2 lovely daughters urja and shreya. When i see them in a huge group of their ages can easily see the difference between them and the rest of other school children of their ages..they stand out thanks only to RBK!! The other day on the occassion of navaratri, so many relatives and parents asked me and my wife sonal where our daughters study and proudly we mentioned the rbk family name!!

    Cannot pen down before thanking YOU maam as a lovely principal to be always there to guide, support and be there for our children . Would honestly take the opportunity to thank and appreciate ALL the amazing teachers and respective Co-ordinators who have taken all the pains and hard work to groom and nurture my daughters !!

    Once again would like to thank YOU maam and the entire Management of RBKIA school!!

    - Parent of urja and shreya hansraj (Grade XA & VIIA)

    It's been more than a decade now, that our child, Riya Dama, is a student of this esteemed institution, and we are so proud, as parents of our child's as well as our school's achievements.

    Some years were fun, the others stressful, it's been one roller coaster ride I can say.. :)

    All years of education being crucial, the past three years, grade 8 to 10, have been better than ever.

    The teachers are extremely skilled and supportive.

    We have seen some very effective necessary changes being brought about and plans executed by our principal Mrs. Monica Sarang, both in discipline and in results.

    Her work ethic speaks for itself.

    With her management skills and a healthy perspective, she has helped our school to grow into a global competitor and with her friendly and compassionate nature has made our kids motivated enough to make their teachers and parents proud.

    We are privileged to be a part of the RBKIA family and looking forward to have productive IBDP years too.. :)

    - Parent of Riya Dama (Grade XA)

    Kaavya is showing tremendous interest in all the school activities. She is a keen learner and wants to improve on a daily basis. Heartfelt gratitude to both the teachers for helping her to blossom into a wonderful girl.

    - Parent of Kaavya Lapsia (Grade 1C) - Open House Reflection

    Manav has progressed well in the first semester. He has developed skills and knowledge and demonstrated the same in his daily activities. Thanks to the teachers for the efforts put in.

    - Parent of Manav Minaar Malse (Grade 1A) - Open House Reflection

    Kavya is thoroughly enjoying her learning process at school and everything else the school offers.

    - Parent of Kavya Mahadevan (Grade 3A) - Open House Reflection

    Navya had a great time at juice adventure resort and farm residency too. There were many adventures /activities that were very thrilling and exciting. She loved zip line adventure the most. It was a bit scary initially but then it seemed easy. The mighty pentagon was the mightiest pentagon adventure ever seen by Navya . She enjoyed the water park as well. The rides were mind-blowing. The most scariest ride was the red and white one. She enjoyed watching her friends wrestling like a sumo. The tree top was also very interesting. She liked all the hospitality offered. She wishes to go there again and for many more fun filled trips. This is the first step towards being independent. Thank you to all the teachers and organizers.

    - Parent of Navya Deshpande (Grade 4A) - Overnight Trip

    A big thanks to all the teachers and the organizers for wonderful trip! Shania really enjoyed all the activities of adventure park n water park off course the DJ 😊 😊. We were really concerned about Shania's food allergies but teachers really took good care of her!! Looking forward for many more to come.

    - Parent of Shania Duggal (Grade 4A) - Overnight Trip

    Sanjit was very excited in narrating us on how he enjoyed the trip.He seems to have enjoyed every aspect of the trip - the activities, the food, getting to stay with his friends. He also shared that he got to make new friends. He enjoyed a lot. We would like to thank the teachers and the organisers of making the trip memorable for Sanjit.

    - Parent of Sanjit Dilip Sahasrabudhe (Grade 5B) - Overnight Trip

    Amaarisa chose a habitat and made a chart to explain her understanding about habitat. She strongly feels that human beings should stop interfering in the natural habitats as it endangers the lives of animals and it is not good for environment. Another thing, the chart she made for class, she drew it back at home and explained me the finer points.

    - Parent of Amaarisa Tiwari (Grade 3A) - Parent Reflections

    Diva truly enjoyed the nature walk class. She believes that we are affecting our natural environment and thus it's affecting us in return. To take a strong action she took all the plastic bottles and reused them for making show pieces and toys.

    - Parent of Diva Gandoak (Grade 3A) - Parent Reflections

    Nirvi enjoyed doing food-chain role play and has learned the importance of animal habitats. She has started making paper bags rather than using plastic.

    - Parent of Nirvi Dadia (Grade 3C) - Parent Reflections

    Naira has understood the adaptation of life that exists with respect to the habitats very well. She has gained detailed knowledge about a few habitats and kept on explaining to us about the same!

    - Parent of Naira Bamb (Grade 3C) - Parent Reflections

    Aashirya was completely fascinated by the ocean habitat, very excited and full of information after the field trip. She is clear on different habitats and knows interesting fun facts about them.

    - Parent of Aashirya Moghay (Grade 3C) - Parent Reflections

    Thank you so much Team RBK for a wonderful Grandparents day! Not only did the kids have a blast performing on stage but the grandparents were ecstatic to watch the kids perform! Generally grandparents get to see videos of their grandkids so thank you for inviting them for a live performance. Kudos to the team for wonderfully managing the event.

    - Parent of Samarth Goradia (Nursery) - Grandparents Day

    Kudos to RBK faculty for putting up such a delightful and heart warming function. We grandparents eagerly look forward to this day when we put our hair down and enjoy ourselves thoroughly. This year too the bar was raised by RBK team and they ensured that we revel in all the gaiety and fun. It's is indeed a very proud and emotional moment for us grandparents to see their beloved performing brilliantly on the stage and being pampered by your staff. Thank you once again from the bottom of my heart. Would like to specially mention K2B teachers for all the effort they put in to make this show an enjoyable one and giving us personal attention while we were interacting with them in school.

    - Grandmother of Mihika Dave (K2B) - Grandparents Day

    What a grand show! One can honestly say you all put a real grand show for the grandparents. Your last years show was remarkable but this year you all took it to another level alltogether. The kids of course were fantastic and all the hard work of the teachers showed in their singing and dancing. But one cannot help but appreciate the fabulous singers that you have in house. Mr Girish and Mrs Bhanu were great with their duos and Mr Raj with his solos. It brought a different colour to the entire show! Chhaya teacher is of course an absolute rock star to have brought even the unwilling ones to the dance floor!

    - Parent of Raaisha Moghay (K2A) - Grandparents Day

    Hats off to you and your team, excellent concept and idea. This event was so thrilling for the kids, they were super excited and enjoyed every bit. The event was all about learning , encouraging the kids to read books, understand their favourite character and their prototypes/ nuances and know more about them and be like them. We as parents questioned our kids what they wanted to become and why and the answers were really amazing to listen and we realised the thought process of our kids to a certain extend. Such events are very encouraging, fun filled and involve a lot of learning. The kids are self motivated to read books which is so very rare these days in this digital world. All arrangements were well done and organised. Fantastic and a well thought event.

    - Parent of Rhea Salaskar (K2B) - Character Parade