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  • Message From Chairperson


    "Our vision for the children is to develop new learning skills, driven by our credo, 'knowledge is light', and help them overcome the stress of competition. We will strive to follow the teachings of our vedic ancestors, who have inspired us to use knowledge as the passage from darkness to light.

    "The primary goal of the school is to create a balanced atmosphere for learning, discipline and development of character. This will inspire the children to take a quantum leap when it comes to facing the challenges of the present and the future.

    "With this, we intend to usher our children onto the path of learning eternal values.

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  • About the Director


    Mr. Kaisar comes with a rich experience spanning over 34 years. Over the years he has worked with the American School Diploma, IB and the national curriculum of ICSE and ISC. He has worked in renowned residential schools such as Barnes School - Devlali, Sherwood College - Nainital and Kodaikanal International School in India. His last assignments were as the Vice-Principal and Acting Principal at Kodaikanal International School and Principal of Singapore International School for the last 7 years. He is also the President of South Asian IB School Association and serves on a number of IB and Cambridge School board of directors.

    Mr. Kaisar is a recipient of 2011 National Award for outstanding contribution in Education bestowed by Jagatguru Shankaracharya Jayendra Saraswathi and in 2017 by India Today for Excellence in Eductional Leadership.

  • Message from the Principal


    Welcome to RBK International Academy which is deeply rooted in the eastern suburbs of Mumbai and successfully running into its tenth year. Success to us is the achievement of desired visions and planning goals.

    At RBKIA we believe in helping all within the community to become caring, contributing, productive and responsible citizens. Our motto "reaching beyond knowledge", resonates in students. This in turn manifests not only to set high academic standards for themselves but also to pursue their passion. Multilinguism, cross-culture exposure and international mindedness has been to the heart of every RBKite and has helped them blossom into open minded students, thus creating a learning environment of trust and respect.

    Following are some useful insights into the possibilities that exist for your children in this wonderful school:

    We are an authorized International Baccalaureate School and offer the IB Primary Years Programme, Middle Years Programme and the Diploma Programme. In addition we also offer the IGCSE in Grades 9 and 10. Our students have graduated with results that have allowed them to seek admission in renowned Universities all around the globe.

    RBKites who have grown and are growing with a blanket of the learner profiles, who have the ability to solve problems by being critical thinkers, who enhance their self management skills, who reflect on local and global issues, who develop into global citizens, are ready to fly and make a positive impact in the world.

    To experience the true spirit of the school and a sense of belongingness, we would be more than happy for you to visit us.

    - Ms. Monica Sarang

  • Message from the Vice Principal


    Welcome and greetings of the day from RBK International Academy. As you go through the pages on the website here, you will get the gist of our Vision and our Mission statement. At RBKIA, we make every effort to inculcate and imbibe these in our day- to- day practices. We take pride in helping our students to becoming citizens of the world for the future, wherein they are equipped to assess situations and look for solutions based on traditional thought processes as well as 'Out of the Box' thinking.

    As a school that follows the complete IB Curriculum across all the years, we take pride in our students being well equipped to implement their thoughts into actions which will be beneficial to all. Making students empathetic to society is entrenched as a part of their learning process.

    Our Internationalism is evident in all aspects of school life from the curriculum, to the staff, to the students. We pride ourselves in training students for a world of tomorrow, based on techniques and technologies which may not even exist today.

    We hope you get a better picture of our plans and practices through these pages. We are certain that visiting us by appointment would enhance your understanding of the processes at RBKIA. Welcome, and hoping for further association with each of you.

    - Mr. Kishor Joshi

  • Our Mission

    Our Mission RBK International Academy provides an enriching and stimulating learning environment in which each child will grow to their maximum potential. In addition to academic excellence, the students will gain in life skills such as effective communication and co-operative team work. They will be independent, original thinkers with problem-solving abilities so as to contribute positively to our country and the world.
  • Our Vision

    Our Vision
    RBK International Academy aspires to educate global citizens who have the mindset to co-operate with the International Community to make this a better world through skills of creative thinking and problem solving. They will work diligently for conservation of the environment and for the progress of scientific knowledge that benefits mankind.
  • Testimonials

    UOI presentation parents feedback

    Joshua is a thinker, a learner and a listener and then a doer. IB is perhaps the best thing that has happened to someone of his character as he understands things better when explained with more practicality and application and IB is all about that. Any other mode of education would have not let him express himself and explore the world around him with the kind of confidence that PYP has given him, so a huge thank you to the team at RBKIA.

    - Parent of Joshua (Grade 1)

    I see a lot of difference in my child as she has become more confident. Her communication skills have improved drastically.The PYP curriculum has shown a wide impact and this curriculum surely makes you more confident in learning.

    - Parent of Gaea Rishi Khera (Grade 2)

    She is completely independent in her thinking and very confident!

    - Parent of Bianca (Grade 2)

    My child is now open to new opportunities, more focused and responsible towards one self.

    - Parent of Naman Shah (Grade 5)

    Jehaan's communication skills have improved by leaps and bounds . He has developed attributes of an inquirer as a number of questions pour in from his end. Risk taking has always been his forte as he loves to find out ways for unfamiliar situations.

    - Parent of Jeeham Maloo (Grade 3)

    My son has become more social, is learning effective communication and overall inching towards becoming a good human being.I am confident that the different attributes of the IB learner profile will go a long way in moulding his future in an excellent manner.

    - Amogh Dake (Grade 3)

    It seems to be a interesting programme focused on all round development which is what is needed in today's times! I feel Pavitra is a rather confident child and can handle herself well in many different situations.

    - Parent of Pavitra Nair (Grade 3)

    All kids did it very well. Good effort taken by homeroom teachers.

    - Mrs.Purvi Shah (Grade 5)

    The kids have done their homework of finding the details and also a great team work of class in putting forward the details.The UOI has achieved its purposeof making kids curious andlearning the proper way.

    - Mrs. Anisha Sewani (Daksh's Mother Grade 5)

    "Awesome! Really nice and informative about the Behaviour of child. Hindi song Teri Panali was sung well and was really touching" Gandhi play was really understanding for the child to know the perceptions of different kind of people in the same situation. Kids enjoyed! We too! French play and song was god too!"

    - Dr. Nisha Sane (Grade 4B)

    “The UOI presentation held on 30/11/15, Monday, was a pleasure. It gave us a light on how one’s ward has been learning the concept of Behaviour in all classes. The kids’ performance was superb. The hard work put forward by the teachers and the kids learning with so much interest gave a feeling of joy and pride. Such small kids enacting plays in two languages, singing songs in three languages and also explaining the concept of the UOI was so much worth applauses and appreciation. I want to thank the school and the homeroom teachers for all the efforts put forth by them.

    - Mrs. Nela Dharmani (Grade 4B)

    A very satisfying experience. Really happy to see kids perform with such confidence. The kids’ confidence beamed from their face and spread to us. Appreciating teachers for working so hard!

    - Parents of Om, Aashvi, Mahek,Aalisha and Bhavee (Grade 4A)

    Superb presentation!!!!!! We can see the 100% involvement and participation in their learning. Very interactive! This will help them learn better to implement in real life. Wonderful job displayed by the kids and the teachers. Thanks for teaching them how to behave in the society.

    - Parents of Aarya, Dhruvil and Anindya (Grade 4A)

    "Creative, Expressive, Informative its amazing experience to see all the kids grow day by day and put up these wonderful performances for us. Indeed it’s a pleasure for us parents to watch them every time with excellent presentations. Appreciate the teacher’s efforts in training the kids for these presentations.”

    - Mrs. Shveta Sharma (Grade 3C)

    “A wonderfully presented subject, it reflects the in-depth understanding of the concept by the children. While learning migration, Shreya was completely involved and engrossed in the concept of migration. A lovely presentation, beautifully taught.”

    - Mrs. Deepa Sridhar (Grade 3C)

    "Loved every minute of the presentation!! Totally impressed with the commitment and passion of the teacher towards imparting the right knowledge on these young impressive minds. Keep up the good job and very very happy that my little girl Smera is a student of this outstanding school and is under the guidance of Madhura maam and Ronald sir whom she adores and respects a lot".

    - Mrs. Seema Balan (Grade 3B)

    "Kids have done a wonderful job and they have presented it so well, each one of them doing their part with utmost perfection. Our lil ones with the guidance of Madhura mam and Ronnie sir made all perfect in all means. Loved their creativity and they have understood each topic discussed under migration. Thanks a lot for the effort put in teachers"

    - Mrs. Rashmi Sudish parent of Riddhika and Siddhika (Grade 3B)

    “This was a truly amazing experience. It is a great pleasure to see how the children are growing not just intellectually, but also in terms of learning responsibility for the world around them!!

    THANKS A TON!!” -

    - Mr. Jai & Mrs. Smita (Grade 3A)

    “We are very happy with all your efforts and encouragement. Zia has understood the concept so well. She is relating the topic to the current scenario of Syria - the families from there shifting to other country due to war etc. She could relate to all this so well. We loved the way UOI presentation was conducted today. All the kids were perfect and confident. Thank you so much for all your efforts made towards our kids. Thank you.

    - Mrs. Apeksha Sanghavi (Grade 3A)

    Children have learnt a lot in this UOI communication. Both the plays helped them presenting an act in front of an audience thereby making them more confident and I really appreciate all efforts by homeroom teachers Ms. Namra and Ms. Veronica in putting up such a fantastic show!

    - Mrs. Ritika Lapsia (Grade 2C)

    Very nice presentation well performed and good confidence. Children have really surprised me with their knowledge speech and confidence. Thanks for all the efforts.

    - Mrs. Neeta Gupta (Grade 2C)

    The efforts you both teachers take is commendable. Thank you so much for guiding our children and supporting them appreciate your efforts.

    - Mrs. Pooja Agarwal (Grade 2B)

    Kids expresses very well what they’ve done as a part of Communication UOI.

    The presentation was done is a fun way. Kids were so enthusiastic and confident enacting the play and poems. It was a fun to attend this event.

    Special thanks to the teachers. Kudos to the kids!

    - Mrs. Arati Ravjiani (Grade 2B)

    I was very glad and very overwhelmed to see the kids performing and giving the speech so well. They performed very well and all the kids were outstanding looking forward to have such more presentations. Thank you to the teachers as lot of hard work taken.

    - Mrs. Payal Bhatia (Grade 1C)

    It was an amazing experience. Kudos to the teachers and kids. The concept was covered through role play, songs and discussions. Well done!!

    - Neha Vyom’s mother (Grade 1B)

    UOI presentation was very nice, all kids done well, superb efforts by teachers and students. We are very satisfied. Drama was also knowledgeable and nice

    - Mrs. Aarti Doshi mother of Veer and Raj Doshi (Grade 1B)

    This UOI was very well scripted. All the children have done a brilliant job. They have gained a lot of knowledge, as parents we also know a lot about products. Keep up the great work and all the best!!

    - Mr. Rohan and Mrs. Megha Nigam (Grade 1A)

    It is indeed a pleasure to come for UOI presentations year after year!!! Must say that each year all the kids surpass the expectations of their parents!!! Really appreciate all the hard work of the students and parents alike!!!

    All of the presentation was awesome!!! Looking forward to a repeat performance soon!!!

    - Mrs. Manasi. P. Dake (Grade 1A)

    A very well made presentation by the students of K2C. A lot of efforts put in by Shalini Maam and Purnima Maam. This topic "Stories" was executed very well with participation by all the students. Personally, I feel that having such presentations the child gains knowledge and a lot of confidence to speak in front of a group. This presentation also helped us parents to understand the progress of our children and help in understand how the class performs in every UOI given. The performance of the "Ginger bread man" was executed very well with music and drama.

    Thank you dear teachers for your efforts to help these children perform so well as they did today! we really enjoyed and learnt a lot as our children performed !!!

    - Mrs. Megha Khera & Mr.Rishi Khera (K2-C)

    The UOI presentation prepared by you all was simple superb!! Right from the , beginning of welcoming till the end of making them dance on your tunes, it was simply amazing. The detailed explanation done by our little ones is the best so was their role play act of ginger bread man. Thank you both a lot for working so hard with our kids for their good.

    On a personal note, Thanks a ton for making Advait bold and confident to face the audience. It was really a great feeling for me. Thank you for working on him so patiently. I am sure by the end of this year, lot of good changes can be seen in him.

    Thank you both lots.

    - Meenakshi Advaits Mom (K2-C)

    It was a great effort by both teacher & kids. Activities like this make us proud of the kids and the school.

    - Mrs. Varsha Mahadevan (K2-B)

    It was a fabulous effort by the kids and the teachers. I enjoyed the act and good to see my child step out of his shell. Dev was excellent. All kids were confident. A morning well spent!

    - Mrs. Sandhya Tawar (K2-B)

    Thank you teachers for all your efforts. The method of teaching is incredible. This style helps kids remember their concepts for a long time. The skits and placards were very well done. Kids have enjoyed thoroughly while learning such important concepts. Learning is fun@ RBK with the best teachers.

    - Mrs. Khushi Gandhi (K1-B)

    We loved the preparation and presentation. Now I can link all the topics they discuss at home (carpooling, puc etc). Good to see my child developing public speaking skills.

    - Mr.Jay Gadgil & Mrs. Sara Gadgil (K1-B)

    It was a great performance by the kids. The Kids learned new words They all worked in perfect sync. All the kids were given an equal chance and they all did well.

    Thanks to the teachers for taking effort and doing a great job with kids.

    - Mrs. Diya Ghatalia (K1-A)

    A beautiful way of letting parents know what the child has understood of all the teachings in the class. I noticed that not only they understood the whole concept which is so relevant in daily life, but they have also learnt and understood words and vocals higher than their age level. The confidence shown by all kids is very appreciative.

    Glad that such a thought materialized, hoping this continues often.

    - Suvrata Pawaskar (K1-A)

    Thanks for organizing the University Fair today. This is the first time we were part of such an event at school. It was a very informative session, with a good representation of the US Universities.

    - Mr. Anil Lakhan & Ms. Sandhya Lakhan

    I am sure you must have received positive responses from other parents too.

    Though the time was limited for individual interaction at this event, hope we can continue the same level of interaction with UnivAssist over email / information provided in the brochure.

    Once again, appreciate your support to the students (and parents) in exploring further learning opportunities!

    1. RBKIA is one of the best schools my son has been in, better than his previous school, in Thailand. Great staff and excellent attention provided to students. Good infrastructure and discipline. We are very thankful to the teachers and the school for everything they have done.

    - Rohan Periera
    (Father of Ethan Marc - Grade: K-1)

    2. We are associated with RBK International Academy from 2010 - 2011 when our elder daughter Mrunmayee joined the school in Nursery. Our colleagues and parents of Mrunmayee's friends cautioned us about taking admission in a new school having international curriculum and higher fee structure.

    - Dr Gouri Gore
    Consultant Obstetrician and Gynecologist, Gynec oncologist and Laparoscopic surgeon
    Dr. Adwaita Gore
    Consultant Medical Oncologist and Transplant Specialist

    The school didn't even have full student strength at that time while other newly opened school in Chembur around the same time had a long waiting list. We were very positive about the school right from the beginning as it had a good infrastructure, was near to our residence and it had adopted the IB curriculum which is comprehensive yet very flexible.

    After 4 years we can surely say that our decision was correct. The school has earned good reputation in Chembur and other areas. The faculty is good by and large though there is a scope for improvement. The school staff is responsive and ready to assist in any small matter. The school has maintained a good discipline yet is able to have a student friendly atmosphere. It has made a new beginning in the form of parent committee which will be crucial in many ongoing and new activities.

    Our younger daughter will be joining the same school next year and we look forward for even stronger ties with you all thereafter!!

    All the best!!

    RBK International Academy – When we first heard of the name 3 years ago, my husband and I hadn’t heard of the school, new as we were to the city! We visited the school to explore the possibility of our sons Varun & Aditya joining the school. We were very impressed with what we saw and heard from the Co-coordinator. This is the 4th year of our sons’ being students of RBKIA and very happy ones at that .

    RBK has only been growing positively year on year. Yes there are hiccups along the way, as will be with any school/institution...

    - Sunita Badrinarayan
    Parent of Varun Badrinarayan 7-A and Aditya Badrinarayan 4-B

    RBK has only been growing positively year on year. Yes there are hiccups along the way, as will be with any school/institution, but the Management and teachers truly believe in and live the name RBK – Reach Beyond Knowing and they go to great lengths to build a wonderful team at school!

    There is easy camaraderie between the students across Grades and this is ably encouraged and supported by some excellent teachers who assay multiple roles as a teacher, guide, and counsellor with ease! There is always an open channel of communication particularly between the students of the older grades and their teachers. The teachers are always available to help out the students be it in person or via emails.

    The highlights of the year are the Annual Performances- stage production & the music concerts. These showcase the amazing latent talent of the students and are a true embodiment of team spirit and hard work.

    RBKIA is a family (of teachers, students, parents and the Management) that’s growing happily together & we look forward to continue being a part of it in years to come!