The Other Side of Sunshine

RBK International Academy | 3rd August, 2018 Back to Blog

Nakshatra Dharap, a common girl like us, has written a beautiful Anthology about all those things people are so afraid and embarrassed to talk about. Her book- "The Other Side of Sunshine", as the name suggests, is a adult-dark themed book covering topics such as rape, censorship and many more. She said that the main influence for her to write such a dark themed anthology was because she felt strongly and about all these cases she has heard about and also the discrimination she had faced just because she is girl. It is admirable how a girl in her teens is not afraid to stand up and give a voice to the people who don't have it and opinions about topics which many people ignore or refuse to talk about.

Nakshatra stated that she started writing and collecting poems when was in Grade 8 . Her mother was her rock and someone who constantly supported and believed in her even when others did not. It was clear as day at how much Nakshatra admired and respected her mother and it was her constant support which kept Nakshatra going. We all know how so many writers and poets give up their dream of having a published book but Nakshatra wasn't one of them. Her dream to have her book published was also one of the main reasons why she never gave up and had a strong determination to keep on writing. It is safe to say that her determination, hard-work and her belief in herself paid off and we hope to see more of her works in the near future. This has also thought us all a lesson of how one should never give up on the dreams and goals because however big or small they maybe as they will only help us realize the mistakes and success we make.