Why Toddlers Need the Best Preschools in Mumbai?

RBK International Academy | 1st February, 2016 Back to Blog

For parents, it is all about offering quality education to their children. A mind that is nurtured early shows great signs of knowledge. Considering this factor, parents are now recognizing the importance of preschools. Toddlers require early childhood education as it helps them to grasp the knowledge easily and effectively. The question often halts at which preschool is the best. When talking about the best preschools in Mumbai, the one and only school that come to mind is RBK International Academy. The demand for the preschool is tremendous. More and more parents prefer this schooling before stepping into the education world. Whether you want your child to go to preschool depends upon an end number of factors.

Understand What is Preschool

As the name suggests, preschool mostly refers to early childhood education. It is offered for a few hours a day.

Age Requirement

Every preschool, including RBKIA, has a certain age requirement. RBKIA has an age requirement of 2-5 years of age. The classes are offered as K-1 and K-2. Knowing the age requirement helps you to decide better for your child.

Know the Importance of Preschool

By this time, the importance of preschool is quite known. You can ask parents itself, who will be your right knowledge center in making a wise decision. According to parents, children tend to gain a lot of knowledge when part of the best preschools. A child is highly exposed to the basics of knowing and understanding numbers, shapes, sizes, alphabets and letters. Other than seeing from the educational front, a child going to preschool tends to be more sociable. It becomes easier for children to get along with each other.

Knowing Rejection Is a Part of Joining the Preschool

As a parent, you will have to apply to an end number of the best preschools in Mumbai. It is quite a tedious task. There is every possibility your child might not go through the first preschool interview. Do not take rejection as a step to failure. In fact, grow and learn from the mistakes. In this way, you, as parents, get to learn the mistakes of the children and help improve the same. You also get used to the preschool palaver. On the other hand, you as a parent are instilling the value of never giving up, no matter what! Always be the first teacher to your child!

What Will Be Taught To My Child?

Well, this is quite a common question that lingers in the mind of every parent. You need not worry, as professional, friendly and kind teachers are there to take care of this. The journey of studying in one of the best play schools in Mumbai starts with children taught to be respectful to others, be confident and so on. Apart from this, it offers a perfect space to come out of the cocoon and discover the inner self. It has been noticed kids in preschool often discover they can easily carry out simple tasks all by themselves. It can be anything from pouring milk for themselves or setting up a snack table, cleaning the table and so on. Some of the children who have creative minds tend to ask questions like, Do birds play like us? Why is the earth round? What causes rain and so on?

Learning Beyond ABCD And 123

Learning alphabets, numbers, shapes and sizes are quite common. RBKIA takes a step forward and helps your children be the future of tomorrow. Teachers at RBKIA believes best minds work when offered activities. Children grasp endless knowledge by being part of the various activities they find interesting. It can be anything from Storytime, talking with teachers, playing, building blocks and more. At the end, you should know preschool is all about learning with fun, activities and socializing. It is not only about achieving academic goals. They still have time to do that! Let their premature mind be matured!

How to Find the Best Play Schools in Mumbai?

You have come to the most important question. Choosing the best play schools in Mumbai can be quite a tedious job. With many play schools in Mumbai, you need to be really attentive to the needs of your child when choosing one. RBKIA tops the list of the best play schools in and around Mumbai. A thorough research is all it takes to stumble upon the best school for your child. Other than this, ensure the faculty is experienced and talented. You cannot judge the faculty without any information. One of the best ways to find the best play schools is by asking former student’s parents. Make a choice based on it.


All this sums up, ensuring your child is in safe hands and is nurtured with the right knowledge and learning experience. Make the preschool learning experience smooth, fun and interesting for your child by choosing RBKIA!