Fight Hunger Foundation At RBKIA

RBK International Academy | 12th January, 2018 Back to Blog

Although India is a developing country, it does occupy a rarefied place when it comes to assessing global hunger.

Fight Hunger Foundation was founded with this simple aim in mind: No more hungry children in India. No more denying our children from their basic human right to be free from hunger. No more of irreversible damage to mental or physical health due to lack of food and water. No more deaths by starvation.

After years of speaking out for hunger and nutrition rights, Fight Hunger Foundation had now lent their support in making sure they encourage the rest of the RBKIA students to do so as well.

Recently on 04th Dec 2017 the Fight Hunger Foundation, made their way to RBKIA school in Ghatkopar - Mankhurd Link Road, to meet the little children. It was a great event conducted in the school premises, where children could run for a cause. The event took place in two stages as per the school’s convenience. The first stage was a sensitization program, followed by the run in the second stage.

In the first stage, the Fight Hunger Foundation employees conducted an awareness-raising session which focused on prevention of malnutrition. During the program, the Fight Hunger Foundation employees engaged with the students and showed them a presentation on nutrition and nourishment.

In the second session, the students were grouped based on their class and the numbers of laps taken by the students were marked. In order to create an enthusiastic environment, the school premises was decorated with standard pictures, posters, and banners of Fight Hunger Foundation.

The entire event was filled with fun and zest. Children from different class happily ran lap after lap with their batch mates cheering!

RBKIA is one of the best International schools in Powai and Ghatkopar- Mankhurd Link Road. Apart from excellence in academics and sports, the school also aims to promote good health for all students. The school is well organized in every aspect of education and well-being and takes pride in the quality of food it serves because the school believes “Healthy Kids Make Healthy Nation.”