Health And Medical Care Education And Services In School

RBK International Academy | 28th October, 2017 Back to Blog

Childhood is the time when a kid starts developing practices and attitude towards health. It is the age of learning and it is the very important to target the children for health awareness and demonstrate the correct methods for hygiene.

Health and medical care education are very important in school. Health and medical education contribute to improving the quality of life by the following ways:

  • » Strives to improve the health of students, families and the society members as well.
  • » Fosters health and learning with all the measures at its disposal.
  • » Moreover, healthy well-being education also provides multiple opportunities for success and acknowledges good efforts and intentions as well as personal achievements.
Why are School Health Services important?

Keeping this aspect of healthy life in mind, many preschools in Mumbai and other parts of the state have started to introduce health services for children in school.

This healthcare service is implemented to provide emergency care for kids suffering from illness or injury while at school, to ensure that all students get appropriate referrals to health care providers, to monitor for and control the spread of communicable disease, and to serve as a medical resource in the development of safety policies and procedures in the school.

RBKIA is one such Pre-Primary school in Ghatkopar, that offers medical and health facilities to all students. RBKIA has an association with a professional Healthcare company - Med Mondial. Their objective is to provide primary healthcare awareness to the student by liaisons between healthcare professionals and RBKIA. The goal is to develop a school environment which promotes health in terms of the child’s education, and overall development.

The school not only creates awareness about the health-related issues but also encourages students to apply good health practices in their daily life.

In addition, the school offers the following facilities during daily school hours:

  • » Availability of nurse during emergency
  • » Primary health checkup
  • » Availability of doctors facility on call
  • » Maintaining health records
  • » General Information/ Seminar to parents and students and
  • » First Aid

Healthy Life, Healthy Living!!

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