Importance of Extra / Co-Curricular Programme

RBK International Academy | 21st July, 2016 Back to Blog

Education is a broad concept that surpasses the four walls of a classroom. The prime aim of education is to cultivate an all round development in a child. All round development essentially means moral, sensible, intellectual, physical and social development. An overall development in a child cannot be bought only through books and tedious projects, but can be accomplished by implementing a few extra/co-curricular programmes in their daily life.

Co-curricular activities are more about focusing upon cognitive aspects thereby helping in the intellectual development of a child. Co-curricular activities include sports, school bands, scouting, performing arts etc. They may also be classified as ‘Extracurricular’ activities i.e. activities carried on outside the regular course of study or activities outside the usual duties of a job etc.

Today, co-curricular activities are being organised in top schools in Mumbai and in many other educational institutions all over the globe. These extra activities are not part of the academic curriculum but are very well acknowledged as an essential part in studying and grooming students, because of the following reasons:

Leadership qualities:

Co-curricular activities are a great way to secure the child’s future both professionally and socially. They promote leadership qualities and nurture student’s ability in co-operation, co-ordination and management, by encouraging their confidence.

Develop specialized skills:

These activities offer a training ground for young children to develop specialized skills which they will use for the rest of their lives. When international schools organise competitions for such activities, they indirectly aim to create a competitive environment and help students work towards the objective of achieving a better place in the society.

Creates a sense of responsibility:

By giving students some task and responsibility to handle e.g. taking care of the classroom cupboard materials, their ability to handle such situations in future become much better. This in turn promotes a sense of accountability and responsibility within the child.

Better exposure and insight:

When students are introduced to a completely new horizon of activities it gives them a better exposure and insight, thus letting them choose what they enjoy and what they wish to learn. It expands a new horizon for them.

There is a huge plethora of options that a student can choose from. Be it playing sports, painting, acting, dancing, singing or any other creative art form, students try to learn what they like and excel in those fields in future.

Extra / Co-Curricular Programme in RBK International Academy

RBKIA is a top international school in Mumbai that provides an enriching and stimulating learning environment in which each child will grow to their maximum potential.

Along with the normal academic studies, RBKIA provides opportunities to its students in sports like basketball, football, athletics and indoor games such as chess and carom. In all, the school aims to bring out brighter students for a brighter tomorrow.