Importance Of Sports In Student’s Life

RBK International Academy | 19th December, 2017 Back to Blog

Importance Of Sports In Student’s Life

A student needs to study hard to be successful in competitive examinations. However, it's also important that he gets involved in sports to enjoy the health and vigor of life.

Sports are an integral part of a student’s life. Every child should appreciate and participate in sports at a younger age.

In International schools and many other IB schools in Mumbai, education is no longer restricted to the lectures and books alone. Theoretical lectures have been very much minimized by outdoor games and sports, which generate healthy competitive spirit and interest in life among students.

There are many benefits of sports in a student’s life:

Physical Fitness

A number of studies have shown that sports play a therapeutic role in physical fitness. Studies also show that sports have a positive influence on physical self-worth, physical self-perception, including body image, that is directly linked to improved self-esteem.

Develops Team Spirit

Games and sports teach students to co-operate with another and achieve success in life. While playing games like football or basketball a child learns how to play and work in a team. This aspect develops a sense of team spirit and strong relations with others as well.

Gives Mental Strength

Sports help children become mentally tough. This is a valuable trait to have in almost any aspect of life. It offers a challenging but rewarding atmosphere. Being able to focus on goals and to take the steps to accomplish them makes students more strong mentally.

Builds Confidence

Sports build confidence. While playing games the brain creates endorphins and other happy brain chemicals that get released giving the mood a lift. This improved mood translates into all other parts of life; and increases self-confidence.

RBKIA is one such IB school in Mumbai that provides ample opportunities to its students in sports to develop a complete all-round personality. Students are coached in football, basketball, athletics and indoor games such as chess and carom. They also give students the experience and pleasure of achievement with such activities.

RBKIA is one of the best primary / pre-primary schools in Chembur, Ghatkopar - Mankhurd Link Road. It provides an enriching and stimulating learning environment in which each child will grow to their maximum potential. With a true spirit of learning and development, the school intends to usher children onto the path of learning eternal values.