The International Day

Jacob Lumumba | 28th April, 2016 Back to Blog

Embracing internationalism and growing that urge to understand the world beyond our boundaries, is fully entrenched within our mission at RBK International Academy and still yet the IB mission. Thus to spark and ignite this fire of international mindedness, the RBK PYP section went further as it has been the trend over time to host the annual international day.

This was an anxiously waited for event by the entire school community; students teachers, parents and not to leave out the auxiliary staff. There was then the haggling and negotiation time for the countries that the various classes wanted to exhibit. The list came up and on it was a variety that left no continent unrepresented; well except for Antarctica. The countries ranged from Spain to Mauritius, Nigeria to India, North America to Myanmar, Russia to United Arabs Emirates just to mention a few. With the excitement in the air the session rolled on all involved gathering and collecting information, artifacts, drawings and paintings for exhibition. The joy of it was the spontaneous approach that the whole process took. Thus depicting a true authentic inquiry process. The learning went on and the students enhanced the various skills in research, communication, social, self-management and thinking. This was very evident as they pieced up their final products. It was all written on the walls, their lips, and faces, virtually everywhere. Growth was evident.

The final day came and the world seemed to converge at RBK International Academy as we had “people” from all these countries walking through our corridors. The parade of the nations was a must see. Colors were brought down as the nations walked down and through our auditorium with a clear icing of the comperes our International day was coming down. Still yet the actual show was yet to be presented as the real curtains were brought down in the exhibition rooms where the beautifully aroma of the various food from the different nations waited. The visitors could hardly listen to the presentations but the entertaining music and well-articulated information made them to.

Like one awesome movie this day came to end. Though sure enough such beauty never ends, the reveries and memories of such always linger around till the next round when they are rekindled. Just the other day walking along the corridors I just overheard some class singing a beautiful song that was part of their presentation during the international day. This only proves the enthusiasm there in and how ready and willing they are to redo the same.

This was a great learning time not just for the student but also for the entire learning community at RBK International Academy.