ISA PROJECT: Visual Art Around The World

Dr. Arundhati Hoskeri (ISA Coordinator, Management Rep. RBKIA Chembur) | 2nd May, 2016 Back to Blog

Art is a mode of expression, there are different ways in which human beings express their emotions, like performance art i.e. dramatization, singing and so on. Visual art is one such fantastic way of expression where one can depict their emotions, feelings and convey it to the world without words. So visual art is as old as humanity itself! We have the evidences of sketches and paintings from caves of stone age which stand as a testimony of time.

We selected the topic of “ VISUAL ART AROUND THE WORLD” to create awareness about folk art in India, Sri Lanka, Australia and Kenya. RBKIA is an international school where teachers form around the world are a part of RBK fraternity. We could give authentic information about those societies, the life style, the art forms specific to those countries.

This was the topic selected for ISA (INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL AWARDS) PROJECT INITIATED BY the British Council of India. The whole journey was very interesting for the students and the staff alike. Children learnt the different folk art forms like, Madhubani ( India), Warli ( India), Gond ( India), Aboriginal art ( Australia), Rain Sticks ( Kenya) and Wycinanki ( Poland)