Nurture your toddler at a playschool

RBK International Academy | 21st June, 2016 Back to Blog

Once our kid turns three, we all tend to put the toddler directly into a nursery school, assuming that our kid will start learning the basics of education at the right age. However that’s not true!!

irectly pushing your child into a nursery school may not necessarily do good to your child, but.... can have a reverse effect on your kid’s overall development and growth. The simple reason being – your toddler is not ready to take up something new in life - just all of a sudden. It makes the kid feel nervous and scary thus resulting in unwanted tantrums and a change in behaviour.

So what is the right way to start nurturing your toddler’s overall growth and development?

It’s a playschool!!!!! Yes, a play school also known as a pre-school helps you bridge a gap between a toddler’s homely life and a nursery school. Playschools play a vital role in eliminating those initial fears that a kid has. Such schools understand that your toddler needs extra care, attention and a little affection at such a tender age. They not only teach your kids the basics of numbers and alphabets, but also create a healthy and fun environment, so that your kid overcomes the fears and starts loving to come to the playschool daily.

RBK International Academy

The RBK International Academy play school in Chembur is one such institution that moulds toddlers into beautiful human beings with a meaningful and an enjoyable approach. They are considered to be one of the best preschools in Mumbai basically because they have more benefits that meet your kid’s needs. With a number of engaging activities and play forums like singing, dancing, drawing, painting, storytelling etc; the teachers help the kids in understanding the basic letters, numbers, sizes and shapes of objects etc. This creates enthusiasm in the kid to learn more and gets them prepared for a nursery school a year later.

What’s more?

RBK International Academy is more than just a play school, because they take 100% interest in their learning and development activities. With each day passing by, you are ought to see the difference in your child’s growth in a positive way. The progress you see in your tiny tot will not only make you confident, but as a parent you will be happy that your toddler is absolutely at the right place at the right age.

Other facilities

In addition to the above all, the school provides adequate facilities in terms of health/ medical and security. Right from the food served in the cafeteria to the bus services, each and every aspect is carefully supervised to ensure that you kid is safe with us.

So if your toddler has turned two and if you are on a hunt for one of the best play schools in mumbai then visit the link below for more information

Without any further thoughts, enrol your kid now at RBK International Academy and create a change in your kid’s life by giving them the best they deserve!! You are sure to reap the benefits in future....