Providing International Exposure Within The School Network

RBK International Academy | 2nd March, 2017 Back to Blog

One of the hottest trends in education today is “providing global exposure” to students. It’s a huge benefit for the students, schools and the whole world. When young students become aware of the world around them, they become efficient enough to handle issues both on a communal and global scale. Moreover, it helps them recognise the incredible opportunities that are created by diversity and the richness of culture that is there across our planet.

Today's young generation need to learn be able to engage in communication with people from a wide range of different cultures and traditions, and global exposure in education system, helps them achieve it all.

Few ways to develop global awareness within the school network:

  • » A well designed curriculum with a more holistic educational approach.
  • » Social development projects to create a deeper awareness of global issues.
  • » Use of high-end technology to fosters connections between classrooms and destinations around the world.
  • » Extra-curricular activities to reinforce creativity boost confidence and help students do things differently.

RBKIA is one such International School in Mumbai that aspires to educate global citizens who have the mindset to co-operate with the International community to make this a better world through skills of creative thinking and problem solving.

International Exposure

The school provides an application-oriented international curriculum addressing the needs of your child as a twenty-first century global citizen. With state-of-the-art infrastructure and the latest technology, social welfare and activities beyond academics, they focus on all round development of your child.

What’s more?

Career Counselling

Apart from academic studies, this International School in Mumbai also provides career counselling to students.

RBKIA help students (Grade 9-12) in academic, emotional, personality development, interpersonal relationships, choice of subject and career. The section coordinators along with the counsellor and plans students’ educational, vocational and personal futures. Parents and students are encouraged to meet the section coordinators and counsellor to discuss these subjects along with the university and career options.

Convenient Location

Strategically located in the heart of Mumbai in the eastern suburbs, this International school is near to Ghatkopar and Powai as well. The school provides transportation facilities to students and has many pickup and drop off points across Mumbai. So even if you are looking for a good International school near Powai or for a pre-primary school in Ghatkopar - RBKIA would be the best option for you. Not only because it’s convenient to commute, but also because it offers great safety measures for all students.

There are many options for International schools near Ghatkopar, Powai and other parts of Mumbai, however as an educational institute the true spirit of the school and a sense of belongingness, that RBKIA offers is exceptional and unique.

RBKIA believes in helping all within the community to become caring, contributing, productive and responsible citizens. And with multilinguism, cross-culture exposure and international mindedness, the school aims to usher children onto the path of learning eternal values.