RMUN 2018

RBK International Academy | 7th & 8th September, 2018 Back to Blog

Every great beginning has to come to an end and with this, we have officially come to the end of RMUN 2018. "What was once just a vision, was executed here". On the first day, we saw delegates entering their committee rooms before the scheduled time showcasing their eagerness to debate. Our opening ceremony for the first time was privileged to have 3 Chief Guests, who had great insights on the entrepreneurship and in the education fields which helped the students to understand these fields. On the first day, all the committees were raging with excitement to get the debate started. There were various occurrences happening throughout all committees with:

  • • Invasions happening in the SC,
  • • founder of Facebook testifying in the UNCSTD,
  • • denuclearizing in the DISEC,
  • • discussing the poverty cycle in the UNGA,
  • • discussing agriculture in the FAO.

On the second day, the committees got a lot more interesting with all delegates extremely resourceful with their research.They tried to outdo one another. In the UNSC there was war which caused delegates to stress, in the DISEC there were threats of nuclear missiles causing a lot of sweat, In the UNGA, delegates were trying to figuring out the secret sauce to eliminate poverty. The FAO was trying to solve the food crisis with determination and seeing these 6th graders debate with this much furore made us happy to see the future generation of leaders in them. The UNCSTD were working effectively to try and solve the invasion of privacy problem which is critical in today's day. Overall, all the committees were really exciting and there was a lot of passionate debate which showcased to us that the time belongs to the future generation. We hope that after this RMUN 2018, which was the most successful so far, more people will become passionate about MUN's across the city and create a generation of future leaders.