Some Practices to Bring Out the Best in the Classroom

RBK International Academy | 12th April, 2016 Back to Blog

Teachers want to offer quality education to their students. It is well achieved when teachers attend workshops and seminars. This is exactly what is done by RBKIA, the best IB school in Mumbai. This reputable school considers teachers too are learners and offer workshops and seminars that help them to offer the best education to the students. After you have attended the workshop, you want to use all the strategies. However, each of the trick or strategies you learn needs some time to implement it. You cannot just implement them all at once.

Teachers are always on the hunt to make use of innovative teaching strategies and methods to bring out the best in the class. Undoubtedly, trying new things is of paramount importance. However, it is also vital that you focus on the main aim and that is, offering quality education. Before you try out a new thing in the classroom, ensure whether it is effective in helping students learn.

To help you understand better, mentioned are some practices faculties can consider bringing out the best in the students:

Encourage Classroom Discussion

Students often get scared to share their views and experiences, no matter what topic it is. Considering this aspect, RBKIA, the top school in Mumbai encourages classroom discussion. The faculties encourage its students to take part in various classroom activities. This further helps them to share their views and experiences with the whole class. Apart from helping students, it also works in the favor of teachers. It helps them to know how much a student has learned.

Offer Feedback Wherever Necessary

Students will not know in which areas they need to grow and in which area they are perfect unless you tell them to. It is of paramount importance that you offer feedback wherever necessary. Feedback can be given in any form, whether written or verbal. Instead of giving individual feedback, you can give it as a group. Furthermore, you can even encourage them to offer you some feedback, thus making necessary changes in your teaching method. After all, everyone is a learner, including teachers. RBKIA an international school in Mumbai considers this aspect as vital and offer in-house training for teachers. This serves as a perfect platform for them to share their views and experiences.

Offer a Great Learning Experience

Nothing can be more dreadful than starting a new chapter. You need to have ideas and new concepts in mind to get started with it. One of the best ways to do is to present various examples and models. This further helps them to understand what they are going to learn in this chapter or lesson.

Let Them Be the Boss

RBKIA, Mumbai international school lets the children be their own boss by helping them organize their tasks. It is believed the minds of children are best explored when left alone. Once your teaching is done, you can consider letting them be their own boss. You can offer them an opportunity to let them monitor and organize their tasks. It helps in increasing the ownership skills when students are given the space and time they need.

Well, these are some practices you can consider bringing out the best in the classroom. RBKIA, the famous international school in Mumbai is always on the forefront when it comes offering the best education to the students. Make the most of it!