Some Tricks to Make Learning Meaningful and Fun

RBK International Academy | 10th March, 2016 Back to Blog

Learning is a lifelong process. It can be fun or mundane. Now this aspect completely depends upon the teacher. Well, not teacher alone, but the students also. When talking about learning, it is quite known that there are different subjects. History is one subject many students tend to struggle with. RBKIA, the international school in Mumbai has taken every step to make learning fun and informative at the same time. The faculties at RBKIA take great pleasure when it comes to making learning a fun activity. However, if you ask the same history question to the brightest student in your class after 5 years or so, you might not get the same answer.

To help you understand the reason behind is because students tend to just learn for the sake of it. The main aim of every student is to rank high in class with great numbers. Not many pay attention to what they are learning. Learning by-heart is one of the most common tricks every student uses. Mentioned are some ways through which learning can be made meaningful, fun and informative.

Connect Content with the Right Meaning

By hearting alone is not required when it comes to remembering things. Another best and effective way to remember your lessons is by connecting the content with the right meaning. One of the best ways is by asking the students to connect his/her own experiences with the content. This further aims at making learning easy and effective.

Discourage Repeating

You will find many of the schools prefer asking students to memorize things by repeating the content again and again. Though it may prove beneficial for the time being, the information is lost once the reading is done. This further shows why students perform badly even after learning so much. Forgetting a simple word further leads to forgetting the whole answer!

Promote Self-Testing

A number of top international schools in Mumbai and around understand why students are not able to perform the best in the class. Considering this aspect, one of the best ways to promote learning is by encouraging self-testing. Teachers at RBKIA, the famous international school remind their students to test themselves on a regular basis. This is done by asking the students to explain a certain paragraph to the whole class or read it aloud.

Let the Students Know the Main Problem

It is the job of the teacher to help students to know the main problem that further helps them to grow better. However, it is wise to not tell them the where the problem lies completely. Students should be able to figure out the problem themselves. It is only then that they will learn. Saying exactly what is wrong, every time only leads to spoon-feeding all the time.

These are some aspects as a teacher; you might want to consider ensuring your student emerges out to be the best one even after 5 years. A number of the best international schools in Mumbai, like RBKIA, are inculcating this habit, which has proved beneficial in the long run. These are some plain yet effective tricks to make learning meaningful and informative!