Ways to help your child do better in school

RBK International Academy | 7th October, 2016 Back to Blog

As a parent/guardian, you are your kid’s first and most important teacher. When parents and families get involved in their child's school, the child starts doing better and gets motivated to go back to school.

So as a parent, if you are finding it difficult to invest some time in your child’s academic life, here are few tips, to ease up the situation in a better way.

Keep a relationship with your kid that is open, respectful and positive

Children who communicate openly with their parents about their day have better educational outcomes. Ask your kid, about their day in school and listen with interest when he tells you something about his school life. Give your kids that space for mistakes and treat them as an individual when you discuss issues with them, so that they can realize if they are wrong.

By maintaining a healthy relationship with your child, you will not only be able to solve his problems with regards to his school life, but will also be able to translate this phase into many happy moments spent together as a family.

RBKIA an IB school in Mumbai believes in creating a learning environment of trust and respect for all students. The teacher and staff make it a point that they have a friendly conversation with students, while maintaining respect and discipline in school. Here each child is given equal attention and equal importance.

RBKIA is one such international school in Mumbai that has not only helped children blossom into open minded students, but has also inspired children to take a quantum leap when it comes to facing the challenges of the present and the future.

Wake your children in the morning in a pleasant way

A bad morning practically ensures a difficult day at school. So make it a point to wake up your child in a good mood, by playing some soft music or by lending her a good morning kiss.......

Moreover, while you are waking your child up with a positive ‘Good Morning’ and a little back rub, talk about the good parts of today that await her, in a relaxed, quiet voice. Talk about the favourite cake and ice-cream you will be preparing for her, and how you will be partying with them, when they are back home from school. In short, when kids have something to look forward for, why wouldn’t they want to get up on time for school?

Provide a proper homework environment

You don’t want to jump on your child to do homework as soon as he comes home. However at the same time you also don’t want to let him do whatever he wants the minute he is out of school. Instead let him relax and have some snacks. Allow him to take a nap for a while and wake up fresh. Fix up a homework time and make sure you keep the house quiet while he is doing his school work. If you feel that you must help, point out mistakes but let your child figure out how to fix them. Doing all this will surely boost his self-confidence and make him a more positive person.

Celebrate achievements, no matter how small or big

Completing homework or a book report calls for a special treat; finishing a subject makes your child deserve for an hour of video games. For bigger milestone accomplishments, such as ranking first in the class, you can do something more creative, like decorating your child’s bedroom once he or she has gone to sleep. Recognizing their accomplishments will help keep your child motivated and will offer positive reinforcement for long-term success.

Focus on your child’s effort rather than grades

If you child gets a report card and they’ve got A’s and B’s and also one C, don’t just jump in on the C. Instead start with a focus on what they did well. Then talk about how they feel about the C and how they can do better if they need to work on it.

Encourage your child in a positive way and show confidence in your child’s efforts. Moreover, don’t pressurize them too much by raising the bar very high each time, instead appreciate them for the attempt they put in and show them the right path of learning.

Prepare a nutritious meal

Want your child to do better in school? Then make sure you prepare a nutritious meal for him/her. By providing healthy food for your kids, you can help stabilize their moods and energy levels, sharpen their minds, and give them the best opportunity to grow into healthy, confident adults.

RBKIA is one such international school in Mumbai that believes in providing nutritionally balanced and appealing food to children. This school has a spacious and a hygienic cafeteria and takes pride in offering quality foods to students and staff. Moreover the menu is designed by an in house dietician, and every meal is strictly supervised before serving.

RBK International Academy in Mumbai believes in the motto “Healthy Kids Make Healthy Nation”, hence they make sure the food served is free of additives and preservatives.

Make sure your kids go to bed on time

A bedtime routine is very important at this tender age. It helps your child wind down from the hectic day. When your child sleeps on time, he’s more settled, happy and ready for school the next day. Getting enough sleep strengthens his immune system and could reduce the risk of illness and other infections. Hence make sure you warn your kids to go to bed on time, especially if they are busy having fun while playing. You might have small arguments for few minutes initially; however you should be able to get them on bed on time, with a few tricks and ideas.