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  • The RBK Difference

    • An application-oriented international curriculum addressing the needs of your child as a twenty-first century global citizen.
    • An international exposure to your child with a blend of Indian ethos.
    • An unbeatable student ratio of 6:1 which indicates proper attention to each child and an eradication of tuition culture.
    • A talented team of teachers from across the world which facilitates cross-cultural learning for your child.
    • Student-centered methodology empowers your child to blossom as a personality.
    • State-of-the-art infrastructure and the latest technology which creates an ideal environment for learning, evolving and growing.
    • Activities beyond academics to focus on all round development of your child.
    • SEN (Special Education Needs) department to assist students who may need an extra support on a temporary or long-term basis.
    • Enrichment programs for gifted students.
  • Faculty

    The school has a very dynamic and talented faculty, highly qualified and experienced in International Curricula. We at RBKIA believe that every teacher is also a learner who needs to continually adapt to the dynamic needs of the twenty-first century. Hence our qualified faculty makes it a point to attend IBO workshops conducted in India and abroad. This is of course apart from regular in-house training sessions conducted in the school. These sessions provides opportunities for our teaches to share experiences, teaching practices and methodologies from differing perspectives and from different parts of the world.

  • Enrichment Programmes

    Besides academic support, RBKIA offers enrichment activities, like the Trinity Graded Examination in Spoken English (GESE), Speech and Drama and IPM which have been running successfully for over 6 years. The activities are aimed at enriching the students' experiences, developing skills and thus raising standards throughout the school. Students can voluntarily enroll for any of the activities offered.

    IPM Mathematics Examinations:

    RBK International Academy promotes the IPM Examinations from the Institute of Promotion of Mathematics. This Mathematics Scholarship Examination syllabus comprises of thought provoking and challenging topics, thus exposing some fascinating facets of Mathematics.

    The syllabus strives towards making the generally dreaded subject of Math fun and easy. Students enjoy solving these analytical brain tickling problems. Fast calculations help students to perform well in school and later on in college too.

    Trinity Examinations:

    Trinity College London, the international examinations board incorporating Trinity Guildhall, offers accredited qualifications in English language and the performing and creative arts. Trinity's Graded Examinations in Spoken English (GESE) are a progressive series of twelve graded levels, taking students from their first steps in English to near first-language fluency.

    The GESE are one- to one, face- to face examinations with a trained UK based examiner, who is a native speaker of English. At RBKIA we offer Trinity Graded Examinations based on the level of fluency in English of a student.

  • Extra / Co-Curricular Programme

    RBKIA offers a broad selection of extracurricular activities for students to participate in throughout the school year. They are designed to supplement our school curriculum and provide opportunities for students to develop interpersonal skills, initiative and extend their learning.

    Out Door & Indoor Games:

    RBKIA provides ample opportunities to its students in sports to develop a complete all round personality. Students are coached in football, basketball, athletics and indoor games such as chess and carom. Sports give an opportunity to our students to develop their physical skills and to remain healthy and active. Students also experience the pleasure of achievement with such activities.

    Physical Education and Sports Programmes:

    Although RBKIA has its own designated and professional physical education staff, it is also associated with a sports education company - Imperial international Sports Academy (IISA). This group offers an all school level program known as PEAK.

    PEAK-Physical Education for All Kids structured Curriculum:
    • The curriculum includes several sports and each curriculum is designed by internationally acclaimed experts who are stationed in India.
    • Is based on progressive, age appropriate exercise programmes which use age appropriate equipment.
    • Includes a bi-annual total fitness report card (The Health O' Meter) which is designed by Pediatricians and Sports Scientist to accurately evaluate all the aspects that can potentially affect the growth of a child. This report card also assesses the various sports skills of a child.
    • In addition, the curriculum follows the NASPE standards which satisfies all the requirements of various school boards in India such as ICSE, IGCSE, CBSE, IB (Satisfies PYP, MYP) etc.
    Jr. NBA Programme:

    RBKIA has also recently become associated with a Jr. NBA Association programme to teach and promote Basketball through professionally trained instructors at an age-appropriate level for grades 4 to 10.