• Transportation

    • The bus will halt only at the pickup and drop off points, decided by the School authorities. No changes in these points will be considered. The school management reserves the right to change the bus numbers, as may be required.
    • Students not reporting on time at the bus stop will have to make their own arrangements to reach the school on that day.
    • Students should take care of their belongings such as school bag, water bottle, raincoat, umbrella, sweater etc. the bus staff will not be responsible for the loss or damage.
    • Students in school uniforms will only be allowed to board the school bus.
    • Parents will not be allowed to travel by school bus.
    • In case a parent has not paid the bus fee for the next term, a student will not be allowed to board the bus for new term from day one.
    • Bus fee is subject to change if there is change in government policy, or hike in petrol/diesel price.
    • Some cases, bus authorities have the right to change the students from one bus to another bus.
    • Parents are requested not to handover fee amount to drivers, cleaners or student, if they do so school authorities will not be responsible.
    • Student ID-card should be properly stamped with Bus No. on the card or the student will not be allowed to board the bus without the ID-card. It is a must for the students to have an ID-card.
    • The students availing bus facility should intimate the bus incharge/supervisor in case they are not coming by bus on any particular day. The school authorities will not be responsible for the bus students going walking without informing the bus incharge/supervisor.
    • Students are responsible for any damages to window panels, seat etc. of the bus, and will be recovered from the parent of the concerned students.
    • In cases when parents are not at the stop to receive student while dropping, then the student will be brought back to school and parent will have to pick the child from school.
    • Any dispute with bus staff should be reported to the Bus Supervisor in writing.
    • Whenever there is a natural calamity, the school management will decide whether the buses should run or not.
    • If for any reason whatsoever, the bus service needs to be terminated; parents are requested to fill in the bus cancellation form available with the bus incharge/supervisor.
  • Knowledge Center

    The Library at RBK International Academy has over 10,000 books in both a Primary and Secondary Library and multimedia resources like audio cassette, videos, DVDs and CDs. These libraries are well equipped with course books, novels, story books, reference materials, encyclopedias, journals and newspapers for all age group and abilities from age 3 to 18. We also subscribe to 25 magazine titles provide subject information and leisure reading. Library has fourteen PCs, plasma, and Smart Board connected with Internet and WiFi for searching of the library’s holding and variety of electronic resources.

    Both libraries are efficiently managed by trained librarian who not only update reading rooms but also provide guidance to the students pertaining to kind of books and project works. Literacy week take place each year with various literature and literacy based activities like "Tell me a Tale", book donation, book exhibition, Story reading, guest speaker invited into class.

    Our libraries serve the twin purpose of leisure reading and knowledge enhancement both for students and teachers. The library is equipped with a good collection of resources which support PYP, MYP and IB curriculum.

    Knowledge Center

  • Performing & Visual Arts


    It may be the most beautiful aspect of music - it needs people.

    The benefits of practicing art are huge. Music practice promotes the development of the brain, it fosters our cognitive skills.

    Conveying the expressive character of music successfully in front of an audience requires courage and imagination. Technical exercises further mobility as well as concentration spans. The sense of achievement after mastering a technically and emotionally challenging piece of music is significant. It is an experience which will raise a young mind’s self-confidence remarkably.

    Students of RBK International Academy participate successfully in talent competitions in other schools across the city. This exercise promotes open-mindedness and furthers communication skills. It is a hugely rewarding moment, when focused team work and determination are linked effectively to create something bigger than merely the sum of all parts.

    The Arts introduce students to cultures from around the world. It may be the practice to collaborate with others or the individual pride experienced of one’s own artistic creation but participating in this kind of artistic expression forms an invaluable part of our learning.

    At RBKIA, we look back with great pleasure to numerous recitals and full scale musical productions by our student body.

    Art work is shared on various platforms including exhibitions and fund-raising drives. After all, fascinating art is born at the moment of experience.


    Visula art forms an integral part of our curriculum at both PYP and MYP levels. It is also an option on offer at the IB Diploma level (Grade 11 and 12). We celebrate our creation through classroom displays, exhibitions and fund-raising drives.

    Performing & Visual Arts

  • Medical & Security Facilities

    Health Checkup and Awareness

    RBKIA has an association with a professional Healthcare company - Med Mondial. Their objective is to provide primary healthcare awareness to student by liaisons between healthcare professionals and RBKIA. The goal is to develop a School environment which promotes health in terms of the child’s education, and overall development.

    • Encourage students to apply good health practices and attitudes in solving problems of daily life
    • To create awareness about the health related issues and the health services amongst schools and parents
    • To assess the health status and problems of the students
    • Imparting knowledge on nutrition
    • Promote good health in school and society - thus creating a “health promoting School”
    • Availability of Nurse during school hours
    • Primary health checkup
    • Availability of Doctors facility on call
    • Maintaining health records
    • General Information/ Seminar to parents and students
    • First Aid
    Security Facilities :

    At RBKIA School, we are committed to provide the best security for our students and staff.

    We have fire extinguishers and fire water risers fitted on every floor of the school building to avoid unforeseen mishaps. Also we conduct fire drills for students and staff on a regular basis.

    CCTVs are installed on the school premises for the additional safety. This system is continuously monitored by the school heads and Principal.

    The school has a fully equipped infirmary to take care of students and teachers which is staffed by a full-time nurse qualified in first aid.

    RBKIA also has a professional staff of security guards who control access to our gate and supervise the School's perimeter on a 24 hour basis.

  • Cafeteria

    Canteen provides nutritionally balanced and appealing food to the children. We aim to keep our food environment as hygienic as possible to promote good health for our students. The menu is designed by our in house Dietician, which provides students and staff with a healthy range of fresh tasty food which is free of additives and preservatives. We boast of :

    • A spacious dining hall
    • Fresh nutritionally balanced meal served daily
    • Supervised lunch for pre primary learners, as teachers and aaayas/maushi help them in feeding

    We pride ourselves on the quality of food we serve because we believe “ Healthy kids make healthy nation.”

    Degree: B.Sc. in Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics, M.Sc.(Gold Medalist) in Food Science and Nutrition from Banasthali Vidhyapeeth. She has also earned Gold Medal for her project research on probiotics. Mrs. Sinha has worked as Slimming in charge with VLCC heath care Ltd and consultant corporate Dietician with Health Impetus (Mumbai). Payal loves cooking, travelling, listening to music and watching movies in her leisure.