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  • The RBK Difference

    • An international curriculum addressing the needs of your child as a twenty-first century global citizen, focusing on application of knowledge.
    • An exposure to internationalism for your child with a blend of Indian ethos.
    • An unbeatable student ratio of 6:1 that results in personalized attention to each child, leading to eradication of tuition culture.
    • A talented team of teachers from across the world which facilitates cross-cultural learning for your child.
    • Student-centered approach to Teaching and Learning empowers your child to blossom as a personality.
    • State-of-the-art infrastructure and the latest technology which creates an ideal environment for learning, evolving and growing.
    • Activities beyond academics to focus on all round development of your child.
    • Learning Support department to assist students who may need an extra support on a temporary or long-term basis.
    • ExtraCo-Curricularrogramme

  • Faculty

    The school has a very dynamic and talented faculty, highly qualified and experienced in International Curricula. We at RBKIA believe that every teacher is also a learner who needs to continually adapt to the dynamic needs of the twenty-first century. Hence our qualified faculty makes it a point to attend IBO workshops conducted in India and abroad. This is of course apart from regular in-house training sessions conducted in the school. These sessions provides opportunities for our teaches to share experiences, teaching practices and methodologies from differing perspectives and from different parts of the world.


  • Enrichment Programmes

    The enrichment programme enables students to realise their potential in a variety of settings beyond the classroom. Students develop a sense of self-awareness and an understanding of school and community needs and opportunities. They also learn how to apply their gifts and skills to make a positive impact.

    The RBKIA offers a range of programmes where students can get involved in everything from afterschool activities, arts festivals, visits to galleries, special assemblies (where students learn about different cultures) to charity projects and community sports days to name a few. We aim to bring a holistic approach to education and our various programmes offer opportunities to enrich the students' experiences, add value to their skills and help them grow as individuals.

    At the Academy, we believe in a balanced, rounded, comprehensive school experience. As this includes both academic and enrichment experiences, we encourage our students to do their best both in and outside the classroom.

    Children with special sporting gifts are encouraged to develop their talents in every way. Children with special gifts in music, art or drama are similarly encouraged through opportunities to practise and perform while at the Academy.

    Creativity and culture

    Whether through visual or performing arts, this cluster engages students to think creatively and express their identities and thoughts aesthetically. Through theatre, art, music and drama, students learn to work together and infuse their projects with values and lessons from other parts of their schooling. Individual and collaborative creative projects emphasise growth and development through personal challenge, ultimately resulting in achievable personal goals.

    Programmes are currently offered in contemporary dance, arts and crafts, animation, robotics, science, software, photography, chess, drama and music.

    Language and service

    At the Academy, we encourage knowledge and understanding of humanity and civil society. Through their involvement in citizenship activities, students gain an understanding of the practical implications of their work and study. By collaborating with community groups on sustainable projects, they develop an appreciation for human rights and human dignity, and of how their actions impact the world around them.

    Programmes are currently offered in Model United Nations, Reflections (school publication), yearbook, organic farm, foreign language and mother tongue, and environment club.

    Fun activities

    School life requires a balance between learning and having fun. Our students enjoy many activities including the Friendship Day, Independence Day, International Literacy Day, Talk to Ganesh Chaturthi, World Peace Day Celebration, Hindi Divas, World Mental Health Day, Halloween Celebration, International Day of Tolerance, International Mother Languages Day, Math Day, French Day, World Health Day, Earth Day, Class Party, Grade 5 Exhibition, Grade 5 SLC(Student Led Conference), Science Fair, Indian Music & Dance Concert, 3 Way Conferences, Christmas Fest, Annual Athletic Meet, Children's Day Celebration, Janmashtami Celebration, RMUN(RBK Model United Nation), Relay for life, Cultural Week, Valentine's Day Celebration, Science Day & Dandiya Dhamal. We also organise curriculum-based programmes such as Class Assemblies, Literacy Week, Numeracy Week, RMUN, Art Work displays and exhibitions to further stimulate and stretch each student.

    Special assemblies

    The beauty of our school is the diverse mix of cultures and nationalities. There is so much we can learn from one another and our special assemblies held throughout the year allow us to celebrate and share these differences. Students are involved in the creation of the assemblies and often display a performance that shows how a culture is celebrated. This is linked to classroom learning as the students extend their knowledge through classroom displays and presentations. We have hosted many successful special assemblies for all sorts of occasions such as: Diwali, Gandhi Jayanti, Christmas, Independence Day and United Nations Week.

  • Extra-Curricular Programme

    Extra-curricular activities are those activities, often sports-based, that take place outside of the classroom, helping students develop their personalities and physical aptitude, which is a crucial part of our school programme.

    Students who show particular talent in these extracurricular activities may participate in the Gold Squad Programme, which provides additional, intensive training under skilled coaches.

    Physical Education

    The student as a reflective practitioner is a basic tenet of the physical cluster. Through physical sport, both competitive and non-competitive, students are challenged in their physical growth, and learn values such as good sportsmanship, teamwork and ethical behaviour. We encourage them to extend themselves by trying different activities and working with teammates to pass on their knowledge. In line with developing the student as a whole, a healthy lifestyle complements and enhances academic achievement.

    Programmes are currently offered in football, basketball, handball, table tennis, carrom, chess and yoga.

    Activities Inspiring Innovation

    RBKIA believes that our students are the innovators of tomorrow, and we strive to provide school activities that encourage our students and educators alike to practice innovation today. We define innovation as "the act of starting something for the first time in our existing context of work that would add value to our processes.".

    Co-Curricular Activities

    Co-curricular activities take what students are learning in the classroom and builds upon that through talent shows, performances, competitions, clubs and additional classroom work.

    The activities like Western Music, Dance, Drama, Musical Instruments-Guitar, tabla, keyboard, drums & Casio, Language learning (French, Hindi, Spanish, English), Hobby Clubs-Science, IT & Maths are encourage our students to delve deeper into activities and subject areas that they are passionate about. Across all the innovation, extra-curricular, or co-curricular activities, our primary goal is to incite passion and provide a fun way for students to discover and embrace the spirit of relentless learning, inside as well as outside the classroom, so they can identify with different interests, passions and personalities.

    To learn more about the way our school activities help mould students into future leaders and innovators, schedule a tour of your chosen campus today!